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ubYOUth -the kid arm of UBYou Tour Co

Like those of us that are just kids at heart, here we foster leadership, imagination, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to Help kids of any age start their entrepreneurial adventure. While also offering courses for kids in a variety of arenas including automotive, emergency services, building, design, martial arts, and much more to come

Current examples in the works include an entrepreneurial fishing guide with fishing and leader ship building adventures. A group of youth, offering adventure is based in hunting, survival skills, and business development. A critical care for kids course, led by an emergency nurse and physician team.

A necessary component of business development and teaching is the incorporation of vision. We stress the creation of personal and organizational vision and provide a proven framework to accomplish this.

These Youth offerings are then available in the UBYou catalog. The tour company helps facilitate logistics, booking, transactions and the like.

Owners Focus on sharing their bliss. Kid entrepreneurs have access to their own personal Merchant dashboard showing them sales, posted events etc.

And most importantly, with UBYou Tour Co.they have a tribe of trusted mentors to facilitate their passion plunge!

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