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We seek to share, to inspire and to heal. Ourselves and others. To giveth.  Guided by the filament of serene jubilation goodness that flows through all.  Our purpose is to help us take that passion plunge by fostering an alliance of host-owned authentic human adventures, here in the Driftless Region and beyond. Share your mastery and your bliss.  Make it entrepreneurial.   From local to global.  Come let’s get real!   U B You

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

FAQ for Hosts*

Email us for more information. Happy to schedule a call, face to face or zoom too…

UbYou Tour Co. is a family-owned, vision-driven company, based in Viroqua, Wisconsin USA. We provide an online directory of fun experiences for guests looking to ‘hang with the locals’ and truly experience a destination as an insider.  You, and our other host partners have one job: share what you find most blissful and are best a doing.  This company exists to help you operationalize it and make it entrepreneurial.   We then cooperate to promote the offering to guests looking for what we got.  

Successful hosts are offered an ownership stake in the company.  Each family owner has one equal vote and contributes to major company decisions. 

And yes, experiential travel is a growing segment of tourism.  More and more people want this.  The want something real. Something authentic.  And because UBYou Tour Co. is owned by the hosts we have a uniquely strong competitive advantage.  For us, it’s all about being real.

And with COVID, everyone is just a bit more appreciative of life and perhaps what we do with it.  We’re sick of digital connecting and want it real world already! 

BTW, how big is the Experiential Tourism Market? According to Arrival Consulting it is around $250 billion annually and growing!   

It is some much more efficient to promote as part of group than individually. Each of us become the street team for the other.  UBYou then simply shares in the revenue booked via our channels.  

As the company grows the benefit of the network of hosts grows as well.  That is UBYou Tour Co. is as much an alliance of the likeminded as it is a company.  Can you imagine what we can do together?  Thus the benefits of partnership extend well beyond simple help with logistics and promotion.  

In the initial phases, we will focus mostly on the Driftless region of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, with HQ in Viroqua, Wisconsin.. Our vision is to expand to other cool undiscovered locales around the world once we make it work here.  

In the initial phases, we will focus mostly on the Driftless region of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, with HQ in Viroqua, Wisconsin.. Our vision is to expand to other cool undiscovered locales around the world once we make it work here.  

This is our whimsical way of saying your every day passion plunge. Perhaps this is your side gig. It’s typically something that you have mastered. And we define mastery as a state in which you are passionate to teach what you have learned. An authentic human adventure is what you might choose to do if you were being your complete true self. Being most authentic. It’s the things you’re most bursting at the seams to share with others.  

Many authentic human adventures have an “AND”.  That is, it’s perhaps the two things you’re striving to share.  Like, Life coaching and links, as one potential collaborator hopes to offer. Golf instruction AND coaching!  Because it’s the “and” that puts it over the top!

And so when these skills, experiences, and opportunities are shared, everyone benefits!  

  • Comprehensive host back end infrastructure, payments (including credit card processing), calendars,  adventure listings, cash flow…. 
  • Host Dashboard
  • Free host storefront.  Post your adventures.  Use your storefront for to see other items too, like online courses, merch, products. etc. 
  • Robust co-promotion. Paid and word of mouth promotion. Growing network of hosts all promoting UbYou brand.
  • Opportunity for collaborations and joint ventures with other hosts.
  • Host forum for networking and situational awareness
  • Logistical and intellectual cooperation between host partners
  • Investment in the company itself
  • Opportunity for ownership stake
  • Say in the company. 
  • Discounts and complementary tickets to other UbYOu events and products.
  • Eventually a worldwide network of UbYou friends and business partners!
  • And much much more…

UbYou Tour Co. only exists if we have host partners.  So, all fees are waived for the first 100 hosts.  Your only investment is participation.


When we partner with a host we share in the customer revenue.  Our percent is comparable to other similar entities.  We want any deals we make to always be win-win.

No.  Whether you offer lodging or not is completely up to you. Obviously, we encourage hosts to have lodging suggestions.  

We envision a growing network of hosts who do offer lodging, again forming the opportunity for lots of collaboration.  

No.  Partnership with us requires and application and approval.  

  • Successful interview with UbYou Tour Co. team
  • Concur with our vision.
  • All parties sign membership agreement 
  • Hosts must also undergo probationary period prior to full membership. 


No.  Just have an idea that you can actualize and we can partner up to make it happen!

No.  Our goal truly is your prosperity, so whatever deals you maintain is your business.

Absolutely!  Anything goes – (obviously so long as it complies with our agreed-upon standards of conduct).

Sell your products, merch, online course etc etc !!

According to Arrival Consulting, experiential tourism was around $254 billion in gross sales in 2019.  This includes tours, activities, attractions and experiences.  

AirBNB filings show gross bookings of their “Experiences” of around $175 million, resulting in revenue of $35 million in 2019 (at a 20% commission).  They have around 41,000 Experiences listed across 93 counties.  Up from 500 listings in 2016 when they launched.  

Their core business generates $38 billion in gross bookings.  

The global tourism market size will reach a value of $539.9 billion in 2021.  Forecasted +13.9% compounded annual growth for the next four years.  

Estimated global tourism market to reach a value of $909.2 billion by 2025. 

Recent years have witnessed a paradigm shift toward experience rather than goods, where experiential spending on recreation, travel, and eating have seen rapid growth, revealing a huge potential for new players focusing on experiences to capture growing shares


After we successfully partner, we will work with you as needed to develop your authentic human adventure offering. If you are ready are established, that’s great too.  Sign into your host account and upload the adventure offering into the system. The adventure is then live on the website. We will work collectively to promote these events through multiple means.  We hope to sell many out well ahead of time.  You will also have access to the UbYOu network of hosts.  We envision serendipitous collaborations and joint ventures. Essentially creating an alluring itineraries for your guests.  When guests book your adventures, the payment is handled through the website. Revenue shared in the percentage that we have agreed-upon. You’re paid! The company can help with other logistical areas related to running your business  and hosting your events.  There’s a great calendar system to keep track of everything and see what else is going on. And ultimately, each host participates in improving the company and helping all flourish.  Together we can become one of the only host-owned experiential tourism companies in the world!  

Further details to be announced. In general, we want membership to be very easy. Not a lot of requirements other than the obvious:  follow the vision and participate.

If you later decide to no longer be a host simply let us know.  You can either put your account on hiatus status or of course fully divest.

Hosts with an ownership stake or other shares will have fair and clear mechanism for exit from the company.

We hope it never happens but naturally hosts who demonstrably no longer follow the vision or for other formally stipulated reasons can be voted off the island.  

See membership agreement and operating agreement for full details.  

More details to come.  In general, like other ‘host’ based businesses, you should maintain adequate insurance for your operations. 

 We are working on additional / supplementary insurance or other protections provided by the company.  Will announce if/when live.

Again details pending but our intension is to offer investment in the company, whether host or otherwise.  

We hope to offer the following:

Successful hosts can become shareholder equity owners in the company.

Coop inspired, in that each family shareholder has one vote per family, in making critical decisions, electing board etc.

Beyond this, also offer non-voting-class shares for likeminded investors.


We are a registered Wisconsin LLC.

Management currently with the co-founders, acting as Co-CEOs.

Formulating Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.  


* FAQs for  information only.  Subject to change.  Please contact us for further details..

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

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