Seeking fellow Humans

Please join us if you are also interested in finding little, everyday, adventures....

We want something real. We need genuine connection

The UbYou Tour Co. was created to provide a venue for our host partners to share with you, the joy of what they’ve have mastered and are most passionate about.  We are all striving to ‘be real’ and experience real things.  Especially after enduring COVID.  We literally had to ‘socially distance’.  Our worlds have become more and more digital. Through these offering we will together discover authenticity, jubilation, appreciation, serenity and balance. Let’s breaking bread and by sharing in our humble wins.  Ultimately we legit hope all will flourish and thrive.  It’s the reason we exist. 

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

If Narnia and Middle Earth had a baby

What if there was a lands, a bit like a Narnia and Middle Earth but real world.  As if they had a baby.  

A magical lands invisible unless you look.  But indeed visible this whole time. And so distinctive!  A hidden gem.

The Driftless.

  Look at the map and what do you see? 

What do you feel?  

Ok, maybe you should visit….

Let’s meet by the blue geomarker    

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

Make new Friends. Hang with the Band

One of you friends here shared a cool story about visiting abroad and how they found a way to truly experience all the funky little towns.  They used to visit and feel that so much was missed.  The hack?  See if they jived with the cool local band.  The one grooving with the lively crowd of locals. Well, book with us and it will be like hanging with the band. 

And this band’s is all about goodness, giving, meekness, innovation, appreciation and celebration.

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

Don't Just watch, Do

Cool, healing activities.  New friends.  A new community really.  

And of course if you especially bond with the people and the area, we hope you will be a repeat visitor.  We further envision if will become for all of us, less about the activities per se and more about the flow… the flow of goodness, giving, meekness, innovation, appreciation and celebration.

Authentic Human Adventures

These are simulated but in the flavor of what we will be offering…

“Why You-be-You Tour Co?
Serene, adventurous, life changing experiences.”

What adventure awaits?

Authentic. Human. Adventures.