Shibui – Challenge, imagine, manifest

Shibui – Challenge, stimulation of play + imagination, inspired by the narrative, leads to clever adaptations, flourishing!

Listening to Rob Hopkins, founder of the transition town movement, limits lead to stimulation of imagination, and true innovation. Imagination allows for survival, thriving despite the original limits and challenges.

Rob stresses the importance of imagination “ we cannot build what we cannot imagine

So— challenges of your current situation, leads to

Stimulation of play, imagination, adventure.

Community Cooperate

Simulate first

Vision the best future 10 years from now

Story-tell, the tale


Innovate, discover, invent

Clever solutions evident

Now Act

Shall Flourish and thrive


And as it relates to our company, the crazy current situations at hand, the real world, the cards we’ve been dealt, but these stimulate play and imagination. Or, what we are calling adventure. Authentic human adventures in fact. Let us use this rush of Shared and inspired imagination to seize the moment, adapt. Let us innovate or take an idea and make it real. Take a human and make them real for that matter.

For certainly this shared play, versatility and adaptation, the observing for opportunities, cooperatively creating and acting, manifesting and actualizing … shall form an everlasting Organization of systems and people dedicated to adventure and reformulation.

And let us use storytelling and narrative to inspire all those who participate. For UbYou Tour company in some ways is all about the little stories connected together. Each host tells their own story and we weave them together into a compelling never ending novel.

Together we most effortlessly thrive and flourish.



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