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Seeking a vacation, sojourn, holiday day trip adventure?  Want something a little different, say, off the beaten path, the road less traveled kinda thing? Are you finding the world more and more like an avatar of real life?  Do you want to just drive through a place?  Yah, neither do we!  How cool would it be to have the best local band befriend you and take you on an instant adventure?  What if we could blend a welcoming, family-friendly travel experience with the thrill of discovery, all while hanging with your new local pals?   What an amazing  authentic human adventure!


Reimagining Experiential Travel

Well, we have audaciously set forth determined to do just this. We at the UbYou Tour Co. have reimagined travel. Our pledge is to deliver a vacation not only focused on rest and relaxation (which it will be) but also with simply being “real”.  Engage with people striving to be genuine, to serve and to heal, to appreciate, to innovate and to inspire.  Imagine if Lord of Rings and Narnia had a baby and that baby was a region with a real Middle Earthen vibe… and imagine those lands were real.  They are.



A Company that is Owned By the Hosts

And speaking of authenticity, so proud to say, UbYou Tour Co. is 100% family-host-owned and always will be.  We formed this vibrant network of family host partners, all dedicated to forging bliss in their daily lives and sharing it with you.  This bliss-making forms the foundation of all we do.  We are a company who’s human resources are the host families on board this epic ship of humble sages . 

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

Truly Experience a Place

And so, our distinctiveness is the ever growing selection of cool, off the beaten path adventures our hosts have to offer, in alluring undiscovered locales around the Driftless. Thus, for you, the weary traveller, we offer a more earnest experience.

 Visit the inhabitants of a real Middle Earth, here in the Driftless Region.






Magical Unglaciated Driftless Region

The driftless region the mystical area in Southwest Wisconsin and adjoining areas of Minnesota and Iowa, that has never been glaciated. That is, it was somehow spared bulldozing from three separate epic glaciers.  From above it has the appearance of a fern (golden ratios everywhere if you’re into that).

The result is a pristine and pure lands with Middle Earth-like bluffs and valleys. Where each valley flows with its own artesian spring fed stream.  The allure of the area has attracted a peculiar collection of super interesting souls. These are the folks you will encounter and some of the most passionate, are hosts and owners of our company. 

 So it is the intersection of divine geography with authentic human adventures!


Immersion in goodness, blessings and bliss.

 Don’t just drive through a place.  Come and truly experience a place. Immersion in a culture of goodness, blessings and bliss.

 Check out UbYou Tour Co. for your next vacation, sojourn, holiday day trip, authentic human adventure!

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

Rediscover yourself - Revision your life

Book and join us for distinctive and healing experiences with our collaboration of amazing host families. Where the focus is serenity but also mutual discovery, wonderment and adventure.  Together the quest is for goodness, growth and (re)defining our guiding vision.  For it is with vision that we can live our most authentic lives.  You being your true you.  Lets Get Real!


A journey down the road less traveled leads to nurturing destinations with cool people....

Not just a great locale but an entire series of adventures with folks seeking authenticity just like you.  Fact is, this time together may just change your whole life.  

Authentic. Human. Adventures.

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Authentic Human Adventures